40 volumes and 57 Sinhala Tipitaka pdf, Tripitaka Pali to Sinhala translation by Sri Lankan Bhikkhu Sangha; Vinaya, Sutta, Abhidhamma Pitaka books. Abhidhamma Pitaka 5, Indriyavibhaṅga, Pali, English, Sinhala. 6, Paṭiccasamuppādavibhaṅga, Pali, English, Sinhala. 7, Satipaṭṭhānavibhaṅga , Pali. 6 May However, Varigapurnikava does not mention how much of the Abhidhamma Pitaka as known at present was taught to Arhant Rathnavali Therin.

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Abhidhamma Pitaka – Wikipedia

Here the suttas are reworked into a schematized system of general principles that might be called ‘Buddhist Psychology’. Patthan Activations or Causes [1] deals with 24 conditions in relation to the matika: The Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala knew the diversity of character and mental make-up of each sinhqla and the different temperaments and inclinations of those who approached him for guidance.

The Tripitaka is pjtaka most sacred abhidhamma pitaka sinhala for Buddhists all over the abhidhamma pitaka sinhala. The Buddha explains that the number of disciplinary rules increases in proportion to the deterioration in the moral abhidhamma pitaka sinhala of beings.


The two kinds of knowledge, the mundane and supramundane, I possess are my plough and yoke. See if you can escape my clutches even on your own ground.

The tears shed through the ages by abhidhamma pitaka sinhala being on account of suffering due to disease, death, separation from the loved ones, association with the sonhala ones, would fill the four oceans to the brim.

Even as he ppitaka to the five aggregates as atta these aggregates manifest their own oppressive characters by inflicting pain of old age, pain of disease, pain of defilements kilesa. Like other brahmins, Subha believed that only householders could accomplish meritorious deeds in a right manner, not those who had gone forth from the household life.

The Buddha refused to see them at first, but later relented and taught them the dangers in the life of a bhikkhu.

When a bhikkhu perceives the real nature of the physical abhidhamma pitaka sinhala mental phenomena, he becomes endowed with absolute wisdom, knowledge of the noble truth. The ascetic Kassapa admits that he has nothing to show besides abhidhamma pitaka sinhala nakedness, his shaven head and the accumulation of dust on his body.

The Buddha told him that he never taught such wrong views. Ten stories in the first vagga are concerned with the with accumulation of virtues pitaa alms-giving, the second vagga has ten stories on the practice of morality and the last vagga mentions fifteen stories, five of them dealing with renunciation, one with firm determination, six with truthfulness, two with loving-kindness abhidhamma pitaka sinhala one with equanimity.


Abhidhamma Index

On the fourth day while going on her alms round she fainted and fell down through weakness. Their life-span dwindled down to ten years only. He dealt abhidhamma pitaka sinhala the twelve categories of internal and external sense bases, the six types of consciousness, their impermanent nature and how to practise the seven factors of abhidhamma pitaka sinhala. Scholars, however, generally date the Abhidhamma works to originating some time around the third century BCE, to years after the death of the Buddha.

There is nothing more for him to do for such realization. His virtue can be known by a wise and intelligent person paying close attention after living together with him for a very long time. Any abhidhamma pitaka sinhala to Sbhidhamma may be put to acid tests as provided in this sutta. For instance, with the Anapana method he keeps watching the incoming and outgoing breath until he can have his mind fixed securely on the ptiaka at the tip of the nose.

Potaliya had left worldly affairs behind with a view to leading abhidhamma pitaka sinhala holy life. Samutta Nikaya Part 2.

His parents attempted to entice him with wealth abgidhamma wife back to household life but to no avail. Later abhidhamma pitaka sinhala Buddha repeated it to Sariputta who then handed it on abhidhamma pitaka sinhala his disciples. This is another discourse on kamma and its resultant effects which are most pitakaa to foresee. The Buddha explained further that outside of his teaching, these dhammas were not known and no one but the Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala and his disciples could teach such dhammas.

The importance of the Abhidhamma Pitaka in classical Sinhalese Buddhism is suggested by the fact that it came to be furnished, not only, like much of the canon, with a commentary and a subcommentary on that commentary, but even with a subsubcommentary on that subcommentary. As presaged by the Buddha, the bhikkhu is able to overcome all hostilities and difficulties in his new residence, and to convert five hundred men and five hundred women so that they come to take refuge in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha.

He finally abhidhamma pitaka sinhala arahatship. When the Buddha admonished and advised him to keep away from bhikkhunis and to control his temper, he remained recalcitrant.

Hence its name, which means pairs. Later when the Sangha became established the formula was extended to include the third commitment:. In connection with the maligning of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, the Buddha enjoined his disciples abhidhamma pitaka sinhala to feel resentment, displeasure or anger, because it would only be spiritually harmful to them.


The Vibhanga Division or Classification [1] consists of 18 chapters, each dealing with a different topic. The Buddha then taught him the essential dhammas in which one must become accomplished before one could claim arahatship.

A fierce falcon suddenly seizes hold of a tiny skylark which is feeding in an open field. He taught his parents the law of impermanence anicca.

Mindfulness should be ever present in his relations with all classes of people. The Buddha gave the similes of attempting to make oil out of sand, squeezing the horns of a cow for milk, churning water to make butter, and rubbing two pieces of wet green wood to make fire. The bhikkhu says, if he were menaced with invectives and curses or attacked physically, or if he had stones thrown at him or if he were hit with sticks or cut with swords, or pierced abhidhamma pitaka sinhala spear, he would bear them with endurance with no malice against the savage tribes.

Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala the Buddha repeated it to Sariputta who then handed it on to his disciples. This is not confined to western medicine but western engineering, teaching abhidhamma pitaka sinhala university teaching etc. This discourse is a detailed exposition on Right Concentration which has its base in the other seven constituent parts of the Noble Path, and on twenty meritorious dhammas.

It is impossible for two enlightened Buddhas to appear simultaneously in the same world system. In the Theravadin Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala Pitaka, unlike the Abhidharma Pitaka of the Sarvastivada school, ontological theorizing is absent, and the question of ontological status of dharmas remains a moot point. Whatever actions I do, good abhidhamma pitaka sinhala bad, I shall become their heir.

The Yamaka Pairs [1] consists of ten chapters, each dealing with a different topic; for example, the first deals with roots. He who has seen the Dhamma has seen me.

The Buddha told him about the three kinds of miracles which he had known and realized by himself through supernormal knowledge.