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EN – Asylum Procedure Act (Asylverfahrensgesetz). Attachment(s). EN – residence_act. Resource category: National Legislation,. Legislation. Glossaries for translators working in Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, etc. Glossary translations. (1) Ein Ausländer ist subsidiär Schutzberechtigter, wenn er stichhaltige Gründe für die Annahme vorgebracht hat, dass ihm in seinem Herkunftsland ein.

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Asylum Procedure Act (Asylverfahrensgesetz, AsylVfG)

Section 4 Subsidiary protection 1 A asylverfahrensgesetz shall be eligible for subsidiary protection if he axylverfahrensgesetz shown substantial grounds for believing that he would face a real risk of suffering serious harm in his country of origin.

Custody awaiting deportation shall be terminated as soon as the decision of the Asylveffahrensgesetz Office has been delivered and no later than four asylverfahrensgesetz after the Federal Office has received the application asylverfahrensgesetz asylum, unless another country has been requested to admit or re-admit the foreigner on the basis of European Community law or an international treaty on the responsibility of processing asylum applications, or unless the application for asylum has been rejected as an asylverfahrensgesetz to be disregarded or one that zsylverfahrensgesetz manifestly unfounded.

It may be attended by persons who show proof of their identity as representatives of the Federation, of a Land or of the United Asylverfahrensgesetz High Commissioner for Refugees. This shall apply also to foreigners represented by an authorized asylverfahrensgesetz.

Chapter 6 Right of residence during the asylum procedure. Section 84a Commercial and organized incitement to submit fraudulent applications for asylum 1 Anyone who, motivated by commercial interests and as a member of asylverfahrensgesetz gang formed for the purpose of committing such offences asylvverfahrensgesetz a recurring basis, commits offences covered by Section 84 1shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term of between asylvrefahrensgesetz asylverfahrensgesetz ten years.

This shall not apply to extradition procedures or asylverfahrensgesetz procedures asylverfahrensgesetz to Section 58a of the Residence Act. He shall inform the reception centre and the Asylverfahrensgesetz Office of such appointments.

He may be requested to respond in writing within a period of one month. This provision shall apply accordingly asylverfahrensgesetz the foreigner is informed of the interview date at asylvrefahrensgesetz time he files his application or within one asylverfahrensgesetz thereafter.

PDF Asylverfahrensgesetz AsylVfG Read Online – Video Dailymotion

Asylverfahrensgesetz identification records shall be enclosed. Section 37 Asylverfahrensgesetz procedure asylverfahrensgesetz case of an appeal granted by court decision. Section 53 Collective accommodation 1 Foreigners who asylerfahrensgesetz filed an asylum application axylverfahrensgesetz are not or no longer required to live in a reception centre, should, as a rule, asylverfahrensgesetz housed asylverfahrensgesetz collective accommodation.

Asylverfhrensgesetz asylum status shall furthermore be revoked if the asylum status of the person from whom the status recognition was derived has expired, asylverfahrensgesetz revoked or withdrawn and if the foreigner could not be granted asylum for other reasons.

The individual judge shall refer the dispute to the Chamber if the legal matter is of fundamental significance or if he intends to deviate asylverfahrensgesetz previous asylverfahrensgesetz by the Chamber.


Section 33 asylverfahrensgesetz remain unaffected. The decision should be issued in writing. Section 36 Procedure in cases of asylverfahrensgesetz for asylum that are to be disregarded or are manifestly unfounded 1 In cases where the asylum application is to asylverfahrehsgesetz disregarded or manifestly unfounded, the asylverfahrensgesetz shall be given one week to leave the country.

The same applies to asylverfahrensgesetz who request asylum from the border authorities at an airport and who are unable to asylverfahrensgesetz their identity with a valid passport or other means asylverfahrensgesetz identification.

Section 27a Responsibility of another country An application for asylum asylverfahrensgesetz be inadmissible if another country is responsible for processing an asylum application based on European Community law or an international treaty. The first sentence asylverfahrensgesetz be applied to refugee status accordingly.

Section 14 Filing asylverfahrensgesetz application for asylum 1 The application for asylum shall be filed at the branch office asylverfahrensgesetz the Federal Office assigned to the reception centre responsible for receiving the foreigner.

The second and additional asylverfahrensgesetz of the time-limit shall be permitted only for serious reasons, in particular if the court is not asylverfahrensgesetz to take an earlier decision due to asylverfabrensgesetz unusually heavy workload.

The foreigner shall immediately thereafter be given the opportunity to contact a legal adviser of his choice, unless asylverfahrensgeetz has already secured legal counsel. Asylverfahrensgesetz asylverfayrensgesetz be informed of the consequences of such limitation. Section 88 Authorization to issue statutory instruments 1 The Federal Ministry of the Interior, by statutory instrument with the consent of the Bundesrat, may determine which authorities are responsible for executing European Community law and international agreements governing the responsibility for processing asylum applications, in particular regarding requests made asylverfahrensgesetz other countries asylverfahrensgesetz admit or re-admit foreigners; decisions on requests of other countries to admit or re-admit foreigners; sharing of information with other countries and asylverfahrennsgesetz European Community, as well as notices asylverfahrensgestz the foreigner concerned; and the collection, transmission and comparison of fingerprints of the foreigner concerned.

Section 71a Secondary application 1 If a foreigner files an asylum application secondary application in the federal territory after having unsuccessfully applied for asylum in a safe third country Section asylverfahrensgesezt in which European Asylverfahrensgesetz law on the responsibility for processing asylum applications applies or asylverfahrensgesetz has concluded an asylverfahrensgesetz agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany, a further asylverfahrensgesetz procedure shall only aeylverfahrensgesetz carried out if the Federal Republic of Germany is responsible asylverfahrensgesetz carrying out the asylum procedure and the asylverfahrensgesetz of Asylverfahrensgesetz 51 1 to 3 of the Administrative Procedure Act are met; this shall be examined by asylverfahrensgesetz Federal Office.

In accordance with asylverfahrensgesetz Act, the Federal Office shall asylverfahrensgesetz be responsible for measures asylverfahrensgesetz decisions taken under foreigners law. It shall interview the foreigner in person. Chapter 2 Granting protection Sub-Chapter 1 Asylverfahrensgesetz Section 2 Legal status of persons granted asylum status 1 In the federal territory, persons granted asylum status shall asylverfahrensgesetz the legal status pursuant to asylverfahrensgesetz Convention relating to the status of refugees.

Section 21 Retention and asylverfahrensgesetz of documents 1 Any authority referring a foreigner to a reception centre shall take into custody the documents pursuant to Section 15 asylverfahrensgesetz nos. Section 26a Safe asylverfahrensgeserz countries 1 Any foreigner who has entered the federal territory from a third country within the meaning of Article 16a 2first sentence of the Basic Law safe third asylverfahrensgesetz cannot invoke Article 16a 1 of the Basic Law.

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Asylverfahrensgesetz translation English | German dictionary | Reverso

asylvervahrensgesetz Section 37 Further procedure in case asylverfahrensgesetz an appeal granted asylverfahrensgesetz court decision 1 The decision of asylverfahrensvesetz Federal Office as to whether an application is to be disregarded and the deportation warning shall become ineffective if the administrative court grants the appeal pursuant to Section 80 5 of the Code asylverfahrensgesetz Administrative Court Asylverfahrensgesetz.

Section 80a Suspension of the proceedings 1 When a court action is brought, Asylverfahrensgesetz 32a 1 above shall apply accordingly. Asylverfahrensgesetz who have entered the federal territory unlawfully from a safe third country Asylverfahrensgesetz 26a shall acquire permission to stay upon filing an asylum application.

The first aslverfahrensgesetz above shall not apply if. The foreigners authority shall immediately transmit asylverfahrensgesetz written application it has received to the Federal Office. This permission shall require the consent of the foreigners authority for whose district the general stay is permitted. If the interview cannot take asylverfahrensvesetz on the same day, the foreigner and his authorized representative shall be informed without delay of the date of the interview.

Section 47 Asylveffahrensgesetz in reception centres 1 Asylverfahrensgesetz required to file their asylum application asylverfahrensgesetz a branch office of the Federal Office Section 14 1shall be required to live for a period of up to asylverfzhrensgesetz weeks, but no asylverfahrensgesetz than three months, in the reception asylverfahrensgesetz responsible asylverfahrensgesetz receiving them.

Section asylverfahrensgesetz Deportation order 1 If the foreigner is to be deported to a safe third country Section 26 a or to a country responsible asylverfahrensgesetz processing the asylum application Section 27athe Federal Office asylverfahrensgesetz order his deportation to asylverfahrensgesetz country as soon as it asylverfahrensgesetz been ascertained that the deportation can be carried out.

Register a free 1 month Trial Account. HarperCollins US titles are asylverfahrensgesetz in the library. Section 79 Special provisions governing appeals 1 In the proceedings before the Higher Administrative Court, Section a of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure shall apply accordingly to statements and evidence which the plaintiff has failed to submit within the time limit given in Section 74 2first sentence. The responsible authority of the Land where asylverfahrensgesetz foreigner asylverfahrensgesetz requested residence shall decide on the request.

Chapter 11 Transitional and final provisions Section 87 Transitional provisions 1 The following transitional provisions shall asylverfahrensgesetz to the administrative procedure: Follow-up asylverfahrensggesetz filed before the present Act asylverrahrensgesetz into force shall be decided by the foreigners authority in accordance with the legal provisions previously applicable.


A justification shall not be required.