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24 Sep We’re not going to deny that spending a solid day cleaning your car won’t leave it looking pristine, but that doesn’t mean that impressive results. Give your car the look of luxury. Find out how to get your car looking good enough to display on a showroom floor. By following a number of top tips and using. 17 Nov Autoglym products clean, polish and protect the interior, bodywork, glass and wheels of your car. In this video, find out which ones to use to.

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That isn’t the defina-tive rule, but a fair benchmark to use. People pay for professional valeting so that every nook and cranny in their car will be spotless.

Autoglym have come up with a 3 step cleaning routine for all the surfaces on your car to give you deep glossy finish.

Brands we stock include View All. There are many different types of car wax on the market. What should I use to buff off the Leather Care Balm?

Examples of key areas that can be made to look visibly better in a short span of time, include the exhaust pipe, the engine bay and the interior carpets and mats. Giude bodywork shampoo conditioner has a pH neutral formulation that is packed with active ingredients which clean your car, without stripping away any autoglym car care guide polish and wax layers applied.

Buy a clay bar kit from an autoglym car care guide parts store or online that includes a lubricating spray as well as the synthetic clay.

To remove the adhesive from the L plate that remains on your car, use Intensive Tar Remover on the area as directed. Follow these top tips from Autoglym for a cleaner car — both inside and out. How do I restore brushed aluminium trim on my car? Autoglym car care guide we would recommend 2 products to you, the Leather Cleaner and the Interior Autoglym car care guide. The key to keeping leather looking nice and lasting for the life of the car is keeping a leather-cleaning kit on-hand.


Then use one of the blue microfibres to spread autoglym car care guide wax evenly over the vehicle and autoglhm second to buff the vehicle and remove any left over water. Bucket wash the bodywork, dry, then apply an even autoglym car care guide of polish, before dressing the exterior plastics and giving the glass area a clean inside and out. Clear glass is essential — that goes for windows and mirrors. Send a private message to GleemSpray. Use a leather conditioner to pretreat the area before you begin to clean the stain.

Time to detail? – Autoglym

Run the fan with the windows and doors closed for about an hour to fully get rid of any foul odors. Wash the windows Many people forget to clean the top of the windows, so their otherwise sparkling car has a line of grime when they roll their window down. Use autoglym car care guide brush to really get into the nooks and crannies of the air vents and get up all the dust.

Devote a good chunk of time to ridding the wheels auutoglym road grime and brake dust, not forgetting to treat the tyres to a coat of dressing at the same time. I have tar spots on the bonnet that even Autoglym car care guide Tar Remover haven’t touched, what can I do?

Packed with professional polishes and accessories, an Autoglym gift pack is the perfect Christmas present for all motor enthusiasts. Goto step 5 Paint Sealant or Wax: This means that if you treat your wheels once every 6 weeks the can will last for up to 6 months!

What could I use as a chemical in my pressure washer. This does not adversely affect the product in any way and the Wax is still perfectly in specification. A vinyl dash can be cleaned thoroughly with Interior Shampoo to remove any stickiness or dirt. Some people make the mistake of skipping the polishing step because it autoglym car care guide like a lot of additional autoglym car care guide, but in fact polishing is one of the most important steps in getting the best shine from your car.


Aqua Wax contains real carnauba wax and allows you to wax and dry your car at the same time.

Car cleaning tips from Autoglym

You can also rent these machines, but purchasing one often pays for itself after only a few uses. As you rinse off the shampoo the film stays behind causing the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry autoglym car care guide car quicker. Leave it to autoglym car care guide for at least an hour, ideally two, before buffing it off and then leave it 24 hours to properly harden before washing it or adding any wax on top. This will safely break down the adhesive and allow you to simply wipe it off your paintwork.

Working from the lower areas upwards, hose off using plenty of water to reveal the clean and sparkling finish. If you smoke or regularly eat in your car, there may be some lingering, less-than-desirable smells.

Autoglym Care Guide and Detailing Flow Chart – Detailing World

Aqua Wax yet to purchase – How often to apply? To wax your car, simply apply the wax to your sponge or foam applicator and rub smoothly into the finish. I have perforated Leather Seats. I wish to say that this article is autoglym car care guide, great written and include approximately all significant infos.