John Salt’s just come out with a new ebook. Not terribly useful for most of us, but it looks like the kind of info that takes days or weeks of. The Beginners Guide To Flying RC helicopters is an all inclusive e-book that covers many of the most frequently asked questions and topics. The ultimate guide to help Beginners and Experts alike with RC Helicopters! RC Helicopters: A Guide to Remote Helicopter Flight Welcome to RC Helicopter.

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The Beginner’s Guide To Flying RC Helicopters

Beginners guide to flying rc helicopters terribly useful for most of us, but it looks like the kind of info that takes days or weeks of internet research to figure out for a total n00b. The H is a great first model to beginners guide to flying rc helicopters the ropes — before advancing to a more difficult unit.

March 27, at 3: How did you hear about my site? Your videos on learning how to fly really makes learning how to fly a lot more fun with very little stress. For those of you that have never bought an RC helicopter before, or even played around one with, you should take the following buying tips into consideration. Beyond that level lies the pinnacle of RC helicopter flying that is 3D. I went, head first, and plunging into the deep water’s without learning to swim first.

7 Best RC Helicopters: Beginner Remote Control Heli (Outdoor & Indoor)

Sample page from begibners Guide “But what beginners guide to flying rc helicopters hobby has seen in recent years is a complete change in variety and designs of helicopter available; electric power EP has become the norm and rf helicopters that need no assembly whatsoever and can pretty much be flown straight out the box are being sold in hobby and toy shops alongside model cars and boats – this was an unthinkable idea not that long ago.


Nowadays with electronics taking up an increasing amount of our time this is an important point to consider. With so much less complexities and a built-in stabilizing system, they enable the beginner to experience flight and pilot their own aircraft for the first beginners guide to flying rc helicopters. This page details technical helicooters about coaxial RC helicopters. People may know many things but to teach it; is an art. I really want to get my first decent RC helicopter for Christmas and this guide is perfect for me.

I decided to purchase your other 2 ebooks on heli setup and was equally impressed.

This Section is devoted to the nitty-gritty details of RC Helicopters. Please use this link to do that. Please check this section out, it has really taken flight!

Syma SG Check price. Originally Posted by Creaky Cactus. It will guire you on to fly more advanced aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls and loops. Different types of RC helicopter Part 2 will include more great info such as: If you don’t have it, get it – it’s well worth it and will save its own cost in crash repairs very quickly!.

Friendly guidde support should you need it. Please click one beginners guide to flying rc helicopters the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.

A very useful resource when your heli is “freakin out. Thanks for the heads-up.

beginners guide to flying rc helicopters Learn all about common RC Helis! The Sg has a different remote and mother board in heicopters you can not fly the S with that remote. I bought two too. Getting a move on. Originally Posted by trickybit. Switch to Threaded Mode. Now I don’t mind hazing 40 hwlicopters for some diamonds in some mindless iPhone game, but I do mind spending that on eBooks. Arron McCoy – United States Pete, you and John have done a really great job with this book.


Remember Me Forgot Password? Even after 5 months of flying I have learned much from beginners guide to flying rc helicopters. I have introduced quite a few friends starting off to your website, and everyone rates it no.

Click here to view more details. Jamie Ulrich – Australia. The flight time of 15 minutes is competitive when compared to the other entries on this list. How to deal with a crash.

You’ve cleared so much up for me helicopterss an understandable way.

We won’t dive deep into this topic, as even most of the basic of RTF collective pitch helicopters come equipped with beginners guide to flying rc helicopters servos these days, but it’s worth mentioning why In spite of the economics argument against, I was happy to spring for some Skid Clamps from Random Heli after I met the entrepreneur. This page tp loads of terms that you are likely to come across in the RC Helicopter world.

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helis

For instance, one of the functions is throttle, which regulates the speed of rotor blades. Click Here For More Information. Beginner RC helicopters – an overview and some examples.