Teoria i zastosowania. Wydawnictwo PJWSTK. Warszawa. Longley P.A., Goodchild M.F., Maguire D.J., Rhind D.W. (), GIS. Teoria i praktyka, Wydawnictwo. Longley, P.A., Goodchild, M.F., Maguire, D.J., Rhind, D.W., , GIS. Teoria i praktyka, A. Magnuszewski (red.), Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. Describes the procedure of thematic map composing in GIS environment GIS Teoria i Praktyka, Longley Paul A., Goodchild Michael F., Rhind David W., , .

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Copyright by University of Lodz. Polish resources of spatial data in digital form.

Tools for data analysis in raster model. Basic knowledge of spatial planning.

Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Coordinate reference system in Poland. Thematic maps, cartographic presentation techniques. Student got knowledge about spatial data models, gis teoria i praktyka apply basic spatial data analysis tools. The student knows the basic concepts of cartography and spatial information systems.

Laboratory classes, 30 hours more information Lecture, 15 hours more information. Databases and SQL basics. Lecture, 15 hours more information Practice class, 45 hours more information. Lecture, classical problem metod, work with computer use. Object selection by location, by attributes and using the selection in chosen analysis.

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Object selection by location, by attributes and using the selection in gis teoria i praktyka analysis 7.

Student is aware of the role and usability of tools for analysis of vector data in studies of spatial planning and management. Lecture, 13 hours more information Practice class, 26 hours more gis teoria i praktyka. You are not logged in log in.


Organization of access to spatial data. GIS data models, vector data analysis. Teoria i praktyka, PWN, Warszawa, ; prakhyka. You are not logged in log in. Spatial data models – vector and raster. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Work in GIS – creating, editing and styling objects shp formatthematic maps, labeling objects and others. Creating a surface model and 3D analysis hypsometric maps, slope and aspect analysis gis teoria i praktyka. Data presentation methods 9.

GIS technology as a decision support system in teooria economy spatial planning, urban design, land management etc. Understands the notion of vector and raster models’ representation of the real world. University gis teoria i praktyka Lodz – Central Authentication System. You are not logged in log in.


Knowledge The student knows gis teoria i praktyka basic concepts of spatial data and their representation in vector and raster model, knows the basics of databases; he is able to list and briefly describe the commonly available digital spatial data resources in Poland, he is able to describe the basic tools for the analysis of spatial data.


YouTube — Geospatial revolution. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu. Student can design thematic map in GIS System. Basics of contemporary spatial economy, selected theories and definitions. Lecture, 13 hours more information Practice class, 39 hours more information. Method and Criteria of Assessment:. Structure, functions and aims of spatial information system in Poland. University of Gis teoria i praktyka – Central Authentication System.

Tworzenie modelu powierzchni oraz analizy 3D mapy hipsometryczne, analiza wystawy i nachylenia stoku i in. Faculty of Geographical Sciences. Method and Criteria of Assessment:.

Polish spatial reference gis teoria i praktyka. Analysis of spatial data form many different sources. Data models raster and vector and their features, characteristics and classification of spatial data. System informacji przestrzennej wykorzystywany w zadaniach gospodarki przestrzennej m.