24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the. 28 Jun Community» Ramanuja nootrandhadhi looking for MP3 Ramanuja nootrandhadhi for advice the source. Please Login or. Ramanuja Nootrandadi – 1 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3 HH .

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The Lord ramanuja nootrandhadhi Arangam surrounded by watered fields that throw up nootrandhachi and conches, wields a conch and discus in his beautiful hands and remains in our eyes forever saying, “I shall never leaves you”, Yet your glory enguifs me completely and tosses me like one possessed.

When the tigers of heretic thoughts roamed everywhere freely, Ramanuja ramanuja nootrandhadhi as a lion unto them, strengthened of heart by the Pann-based songs of fertile Kuraiyalur’s king kalikanri. Who else can protect and save us like what YathirAjar did?

Community » Ramanuja nootrandhadhi

ramanuja nootrandhadhi And still You have showered your dayA on me? What this Ramanuja muni- King ramanuja nootrandhadhi Saints-did was: That is how our Ramanuja came to be!

I, the lowly self, who has been under the wrong impression and knowledge for ages that AthmA is the Lord, have been enslaved by Sri Ramanuja and enabled me serve ramanuja nootrandhadhi Bhagawathas. Those who are good at composing verses with deep meanings and rhyming words, due to their immense bhakti towards Ramanuja, sing lovely poems on Ramanuja.

The good ones who preserve the Vedas will always sing his praise.

I, the lowly self, sinner, devoid of any bhakti, am attempting foolishly to do this work of singing about the ramanuja nootrandhadhi, unbounded greatness of Ramanujacharya. With a grace ramanuja nootrandhadhi disminishing in radiance but ever increasing in power, your dark-cloud like benevolence has entered and captivated my heart. I was an ignorant one, without proper knowledge, roaming around with faulty understanding in a trice.


He entered into me, on his own, out of his mercy, in spite rsmanuja my never seeking for the same. I shall tell you a ramanuja nootrandhadhi way to get rid of the ramanuja nootrandhadhi kali, say, “Ramanuja” Even as you do, brightness will dawn on your ramanuja nootrandhadhi, you mouth will swell with nectar, and all the travails of birth and death will flee.

With the authority of Vedic texts he has cleared the path of heretic thoughts. I wonder what the able one intends to do next.

When the whole world, surrounded by oceans was engulfed by the darkness of Kalipurushan, Sri Ramanuja appeared and with the shining light of nootrabdhadhi proofs ramanuja nootrandhadhi four Vedas, dispelled the darkness immediately.

Come to think, other than contemplating his feet, I have no desire. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi still he wanted to correct me and triedthat none would have dared.

Pray tell me, for what purpose?

Ramanuja nootrandhadhi |

Since, there is none as bad as I am, it speaks even more of His greatness to save me ramanuja nootrandhadhi. Pathi Sriman Narayanan, in spite of His taking so many avtaars ramanuja nootrandhadhi showing Himself Prathyaksham to the world.

ramanuja nootrandhadhi After our golden Kalpaka wishing tree, our Ramanuja Muni was born, the polemic Sramanas, the soleless sakhyas, they lazy nihilists of Siva-agamas, the ramanuja nootrandhadhi interpreters among Vedantins, all have been vanquished from the Earth.

Nor have I served your feet and learnt from you by the method of questioning. I was the very nootrandhadgi of sin. My thoughts are always on your lotus feet.


rAmAnuja nOOTRandAdi

There appeared the Parama dhaarmeegar- Sri Ramanuja and He blessed me with His grace, mercifully declaring that Sriya: That’s His natural compassion on us. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi can karma ever approach me? I, the storehouse of all kinds of sorrows, too was considered as an object of worthiness ramanuja nootrandhadhi You and was saved by Nootrwndhadhi.

Dharmam removes the sins that stand as a hurdle for this kaamam. I have escaped from non-paths, now I have no regrets. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi One ramanuja nootrandhadhi does not see the lowly level of the recipient of Your grace and does not realise rmanuja greatness of granting Your such grace on him!

I, who has surely realised this am telling this to you who has not yet realised this: He chased away all my karmas. He declared only and purely for the sake and benefit of the worldly souls like us. After Ramanuja’s birth on this Earth, the path of righteousness has been established, ramanuja nootrandhadhi heretic six schools of thought have been erased, the terrible kali vanquished.

Pathi Sri RanaganAthan ,the Lord of Srirangam alone is the Master of all souls, without expecting even an iota of ramanuja nootrandhadhi benefit or prathi upakaaram paying him back from adiyEn. No more can false doctrines enter my heart. Today he ramanuja nootrandhadhi uplifted me.