Periodic Tales by Hugh Aldersey-Williams Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard P. Rumelt Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set by Brandon Sanderson Take the Stairs. Despite Rumelt’s lofty reputation in this crowded field, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy is his first book aimed at a general audience and only his second as a sole. 19 Jun This experience prompted me to read “Good Strategy. Bad Strategy” which was first published by Richard Rumelt in Two main questions.

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Best business books

This book seems a lot longer than necessary. Comprehending the situation with a view to achieving leverage over outcomes in this way, richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy a question of judgement however.

This review first appeared on “Defense Innovator” http: The stress eichard is on stratefy pragmatic character — such a policy is not about visions or goals but a method of action, a way of grappling with the situation. Unbecoming of me, and I should take the higher richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy. See All Goodreads Deals…. A set of goals, objectives, or targets is not a strategy. The diagnosis defines or explains the nature of the challenge, and identifies the critical aspects, simplifying to allow action.

Similarly, making strategic choices and deciding on tradeoffs is often very tricky and painful. Feb 09, Kevin Grubb rated it liked it. Jan 14, Szymon rated it really liked it. Good Strate Rumelt is surly and arrogant.

Book review: “Good Strategy. Bad Strategy” – MAA1 – Medium

For those students, analysts, and policymakers trying to better understand the challenge of richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy, this book is indispensable. According to Rumelt, much of what is called organizational “strategy” is not truly a strategy: There is something deeply cultural that explains the proliferation of bad strategy.


Web development by Firsty Richqrd. Incredible book and a must read. This book is fascinating, informative, enjoyable, erudite book. A project plan is not a strategy.

Too dull to continue after two chapters. In essence, the kernel forms the bare bones skeleton of a strategy. The book is structured in richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy parts: Good leaders can take a strong, compelling vision and use it to engage people by creating a shared understanding of what is possible. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow Cookies button below. Just as important as being able to formulate good strategy is the ability to detect bad strategy.

The author cuts the fat while explaining the strategy making process, making it more accessible to the average reader using a plethora of case studies. The remaining two sections, whilst interesting and containing us Summary: Keeping with one of the themes of the book – that rimelt is hard work – he argues one of the main impediments to action is the belief that certain painful choices or actions can be avoided, and that all priorities can be accommodated.

Its points could have been condensed into a book one-third richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy bbad.

The second section could have been great, but there were too many detours and personal anecdotes–or at least, these anecdotes weren’t used effectively. Really mind-expanding for me and it seems every few pages I have to stop to process new insights. This is probably the most the most enlightening book I’ve read in the last 5 years.


I have a lot more notes, but I don’t think this is worth the time to transcribe them.

Nevertheless, it’s a good book for everyone dealing with planning and strategy in their job and, dare I say, even in your personal life you might find some things useful.

The approach of the book is important because a key insight is that strategy is an analytical process that is as much about induction as it is about deduction. Good Strayegy Bad Strategy: May 26, George Richard rumelt good strategy bad strategy rated it liked it Shelves: American Strategy after the Bush Doctrine,is also a very good and still timely read. Rumelt puts Chad Logan on blast – unwittingly providing comic relief, because what did this dude do to inspire so much ire?

Jul 20, Lendl Meyer rated it it was amazing.

Well, yes, he also worked as an engineer on the US Voyager mission to Jupiter. A related strategy would describe some of the key challenges to overcome in order to achieve the vision.

Jul 23,