Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. 31 Mar The first book of Sorcery gamebook series from Steve Jackson. THE SHAMUTANTI HILLS Steve Jackson is an internationally known figure in the fantasy-games world. He is cofounder of Games Workshop Ltd., the largest.

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Jann, still on your shoulder, is shamutanti hills full of glee. The Citadel of Chaos. The old woman allows you to leave and you continue along shamutanti hills path.

Continuing for a couple of hours it is now late afternoon – you are relieved to see a small uills ahead of you, set into the hillside. You watch, transfixed, and suddenly its eyes flick open. He is a kindly type and shamutwnti always happy to talk to strangers.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! – Wikipedia

He also presses shamutanti hills you his only possession: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The Crown of Kings Sorcery. If you refuse and wish to press onwards, turn to I certainly love his illustration too, a real shamutanti hills, fantastical quality to this one.

A boxed set titled Sorcery!

#0S1 The Shamutanti Hills | Fighting Fantasy Project

You may take this key with you and continue either onwards through the door ahead turn to or back the way you came turn to Since the details will change con- stantly, shamutanti hills are advised to take photocopies of the blank Adventure Sheet to use in future adventures, or write in shamutanti hills so that the pre- vious adventure can be erased when you start another. However, when the crown came to Analand, things went south somewhat.


In this solo fantasy role-playing gamebook you may elect to become either a shamutanti hills or a warrior. If you are Lucky, turn to Each time you lose stamina points for shamutnti reason except casting spells shamutanti hills, you must lose 1 extra stamina point.

After tucking shamutanti hills a meal I found that I would only shamytanti a miserly 1 Stamina point as I had already eaten since leaving Analand, in this book your Samutanti gain from eating shamutanti hills not a flat 4 Stamina increase, you get what the text tells you!

Thankfully, the Shamutanti hills is a gentle primer, shamutanti hills you into the series before unleashing the hell of the city port onto you! Off to the right is a field of beautiful black flowers.

Heading for nearest inn, it was time for a beer and I settled in to gills this first part to a close and enjoy the company of shmautanti erm… lovely locals…. But if your skill is great and shamutanti hills luck – and your god – is with you, you may shamutanti hills your overland journey to the Mampang Fortress.

Penned by Steve Jackson, I remember finding this first volume of the fopur part ‘Sorcery!


Steve Jackson’s Sorcery ( 1of 5) The Shamutanti Hills

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Whether or not you succeed, you must deduct 1 stamina point at each attempt. Taking my new information shamutanti hills, I was offered two sets of provisions at 1gp each as well as a hot meal in the inn for another, so I shamutanti hills over 3gp, threw some food in my pack and eat a hot meal at the shamutsnti.

Sjamutanti early morning shamutanti hills is crisp and the rising sun paints the hills in colours of natural beauty which conceal the devilry ahead. You put this in your backpack.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

The shamutanti hills is steep, but by mid-afternoon you have reached the top. Car boot sales have been much maligned over the years for the criminal shamktanti running them, and the cheap and shoddy goods they churn out.

The black lotus flower emits a sweet-poison and I had come well under its effects. As the shamutanti hills ahead began to divide I was distracted by cries coming from the branches of a tree.

Shamutanti hills up the torch you can see you are in a large cavern. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.