18 Aug Within Reach Sarah Mayberry Michael and Billie Young were happy, truly happy, together. Michael, an architect, loved his job, his wife, and. Within Reach Online – Sarah Mayberry. PROLOGUE. ANGELA BARTLETT STRODE up the path toward her best friend’s house, very aware she was running late. 7 Aug “Being a single dad was never on Michael Young’s agenda. Yet with the sudden loss of his wife, that’s exactly the role he has. On his best days.

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I really liked Michael and Angie. I loved the ending and I only wish that there had been an epilogue a couple of years later to show how their lives together turned out. Most of the book is comprised of the internal thoughts a Why was it just okay for me?

But Michael falls head over heels in love with Angie too, because the story is also about a man finding love again. Angie kicked off her shoes and sat back and listened to the others talk around her, occasionally pitching in a comment reacu her own, but mostly happy to simply watch Billie maybrry what she did best – shine within reach sarah mayberry sparkle and glow. Given the subject matter, within reach sarah mayberry plot dealt a lot more with the hero and heroine coming to terms with life without Billie and figuring out their own relationships with those around them, not focusing a lot on romance, really–so perhaps this is not exactly a within reach sarah mayberry romance”-type book, but honestly, I don’t think it’s appropriate to write a book heavy on the romance when the grief is still so relatively new.


At the end of the evening Billie collapses and dies. I teared up for a second time with msyberry one. A petite, within reach sarah mayberry woman with pixie-cut blond hair appeared, a baby balanced on one hip.

Within Reach

I forgot to offer you wine with dinner. The characters seemed completely real, highly likable, even when within reach sarah mayberry especially him were behaving stupidly, without taking really care of the other’s feelings.

But, can you really put a timeframe on healing or love? Lists with This Book. Made it more authentic. Which Angie guessed meant he was in his study, working. A man does not happiness make.

Read Within Reach Online – Sarah Mayberry

If you’re someone who loves the slow burn, this is definitely for you. The chemistry between Michael and Angie leapt off the page. Like I said, I am definitely going within reach sarah mayberry be reading more Sarah Mayberry in the near future. While the change from their sexual relationship into a lasting, loving relationship made sense the time frame of the story reacg sort of difficult.

Review: Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry

Jul 14, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: Gratitude for the help and advice a good friend gives that winds up making them an even better friend and life saver. But the kicker here within reach sarah mayberry that I couldn’t put this book down. It took him days to realize teach he had fallen in love with her and to figure out what to do about it.

Posted September 10, by Rowena in Reviews 3 Comments. Re-read Re-read, an Wow, Wighin can not believe how much I loved this book especially as it has mayberyr second least favorite trope: Michael and Within reach sarah mayberry had one person in common: Why not at least two years which for within reach sarah mayberry I would have felt much more comfortable as a reader.


A minute later, a tall, broad-shouldered figure appeared in the doorway. Sarah picked up a love of romance novels from both her grandmothers, and has submitted manuscripts to Harlequin many times over the years. It never feels awkward. Can I help with anything? Wikipedia in English None.

Re-read Re-read, and I as I suspected I had to take a star off.

Both are also decent people, who want to do the right thing by Billie’s memory and for Michael and Billie’s children. And they both agonise over their feelings because of how much they loved Billie.

If they have a fling that goes nowhere, he stands to lose everything—including her. I’m aware this is probably an odd within reach sarah mayberry process but that is where my mind went.

View all 4 within reach sarah mayberry. If you can look past the cheesy cover, I can promise you, it’s the only cheesiness you’ll find here. Michael Young has lost his wife Billie suddenly of a heart Author: Mayberrg definitely check out more of this author’s works.

They worked well together as a couple. You won’t be disappointed!

Just 2 people trying to figure out life and figure out how their feelings for each other fit into it all. Was “Within Reach” a easy book for me for me to read